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Friday, May 1, 2009

shaq is on motherfuckin overdrive

life just doesn't get less weird....a good thing for sure.

but yeah. I saw Shaq's smiling face on facebook this morning. he announced "what's up facebookees and bookettes. This is shaquille oneil. im noew to the space. hope you let me join your club. its really hot. you know im the twitter king, and I will become the facebook king". classic shaq, what a goof!

I cant figure out how to leave an embeded video of it because I switched my language preference from "English (US)" to "English (pirate) beta". It makes things a bit harder to read, but on the whole it makes my facebook experience more manageable.

Have you read shaq's twitter? ever want to read a grown man type about his weight loss with the spelling of a 13 year old girl? it must be read to be believed....and also, do the damn thing, you're looking good dawg! many more NBA seasons for ya, if there were justice the suns would have been in the playoffs and not the pistons thats fo' sho!

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