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Friday, August 9, 2013

Miles Davis // BB King

I wrote a bunch of shit and then deleted it, but fuck it heres some amazing videos Miles Davis BB King: heres a real bb king video too. I wonder if he was referring to the experimental jazz coming out of sweeden in the 60s: miles interviews:

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

quincy jones

me and my roommate were talking, and I told him about me and my buddy talking about 70s jazz-fusion, and we started talking about quincy jones. he was saying quincy did a lot of songs that you didn't even realize you knew but you knew them and they were from movie soundtracks in the 70s and 80s and that it was all super creative shit so I remembered when I got to my computer to surf some up. this video is fuckin incredible:

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Monday, August 5, 2013

here in the dojo

cruisin' full albums on youtube...starting with Can live videos. Watched some of The Soft Machine live at Motreaux with some 70s sweep shredder. it seemed like the keyboard player was like wtf, he was gonna take the first solo before you went and did your sweep solo thing for the next 10 minutes. fer the luv of gawd. anyways, that was after soft machine split, which I never heard that history, from making music with vocals....I only knew they had music with vocals. I thought there were like 4 volumes and they all had vocals, but I guess I was mistaken --- according to this, only the first 2 albums have vocals, and one song on the 3rd album, and then after that they parted with the pop influence of Robert Wyatt which was boring to the other members who wanted to do more jazz-fusion type shit, and then the rest of the musicians got more jazz-fusion musicians to fill out the band. And Robert Wyatt went on to do his own thing, and this was one of his projects.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Fun // Got A Computer

I got a computer! that means I am a promoter again! or something to that effect. the joys of blogging return to my life. All shit is going good, thanks for asking. I just watched the Daft Punk Movie Interstella 5555. It was awesome. I got a preview of the new John Wesley Coleman album -- "sounds like the Boss on shrooms." No lie there. I like the one with the super tremolo. Pretty heady stuff!

My bands have been playing shows! We have played 3 shows, all house shows, and also Ive had a couple house shows this summer that my band didn't play. Its fun. I was working a lot of hours to save up money, and now I did that so I work 25 hrs a week and have time to see my friends and stuff. and look at art on the internet. and go to peoples shows. and go tubin etc etc. it feels kinda weird not planning for a tour per se. We were planning a Spiked Punch tour for October, but I think that is gonna get pushed back, which is kinda cool cause its like free months not being broke. A lot of circular musician logic thought went into the outcome, but it was cool cause we were like "Were gonna go on tour in October!" and *ppoof* all the sudden the band is back together and better than ever and we are having a great time. We've done 3 house shows, all 3 shows with both Spiked Punch and Reverse X Rays playing. Shane and Joey varyingly go out of town coming up, but Spiked Punch has shows Im really excited about coming up in early September...3 in Austin, 1 in San Antonio.

Speaking of time to do shit, I had an epic weekend 2 weekends ago, playing 4 sets in 3 different bands in 2 days, including the Pau Wau boat party which was sick. The last of the 4 shows was at beerland, a show we picked up with this dude Sam Vinitari from Chicago. Shit I cant remember how his last name was but his songs were cool and we chilled out afterwards. It was fun already going on so much energy off the weekend to play that beerland show, it felt like piece-of-cake. I think the beerland show we do is the last of this next set of 4 coming up, all the shows are like Sept 3rd thru 10th.

We are doing one with Names Divine from Chicago, venue/bill tba. Looking forward to hearing their sound this time, the stuff on their bandcamp is from a couple years ago, Ill bet there is some secret new shit that's awesome.

We are doing two shows (Beerland-Austin / VHS 1137 - San Antonio) with the band Advaeta from NYC. They are hard rocking chicks. I hate saying what music sounds like ... Vice said they sound like Sleep, but while I hear it in the guitar tone its at a different speed for sure from what I think of when I think of Sleep. they just sound so good I feel like its probably original, but I wish I knew a better comparison band. I think you can just say Sleep to say "check it out its good".

Also there will be a house show for Freak Heat Waves returning from Victoria, BC, Canada, this time with Viet Cong from Calgary in tow who are 2 dudes from the band Women and their project which I have been assured is sick (I think it might be a 4 piece). I wonder if one of the dudes is the guy from Amarillo. I wanna ask him if that's going cowtown to cowtown.

Spiked Punch can play 7 new songs and we are mixing in a couple old ones into the set currently, Nobodys Foolin Nobody and Certain Shane of Purple. there are 5 more new ones that we are working on but we are practicing at the speed of life as Stevie Wonder would say. Some of it gets kinda technical but I think we are gonna pull it off, I am excited to be at the point where its time to do a recording and to be working with a full length amount of material.

some appetite-whetting song titles for the next record are:
In That Old Midnight Hour
Too Much Too Quick
Dr Bronners
Nul, Nil, & Void
Buddy Cop Movie
Her Spirit Flies Without a Face
Pissed Off From Work (In a Good Way)
Smokin' on a Spliff of Exotic Time
The Number One Guy You Call
Red Light, Green Light

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