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Monday, August 5, 2013

here in the dojo

cruisin' full albums on youtube...starting with Can live videos. Watched some of The Soft Machine live at Motreaux with some 70s sweep shredder. it seemed like the keyboard player was like wtf, he was gonna take the first solo before you went and did your sweep solo thing for the next 10 minutes. fer the luv of gawd. anyways, that was after soft machine split, which I never heard that history, from making music with vocals....I only knew they had music with vocals. I thought there were like 4 volumes and they all had vocals, but I guess I was mistaken --- according to this, only the first 2 albums have vocals, and one song on the 3rd album, and then after that they parted with the pop influence of Robert Wyatt which was boring to the other members who wanted to do more jazz-fusion type shit, and then the rest of the musicians got more jazz-fusion musicians to fill out the band. And Robert Wyatt went on to do his own thing, and this was one of his projects.

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