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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pukekos / Puttin on the Ritz

hey Ranchers,

This dude BJ (the singer) runs a website called Pukekos and also plays in a band called Puttin' on the Ritz. You can find a nice EMHU writeup there today replete with fresh drawings I did, and stuffed to the gills with 320 bit MP3s. Anyways here's some Youtube videos of his band, and also a bonus video of us in Boston our last day of tour.

Classic No Wave shenanigans:

Classic Spiked Punch Mellow Shenanigans:

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eggs Schezwan style

In these tough, tough economic times, it becomes important to cut back, and if there is one thing that definitely means, its trying to score some meals at the rents. At some point since me and my brother went to college, my parents stopped shopping anywhere but Costco, meaning they have large tubs of certain items, and nothing in the way of standard grocery fair. They also now eat way healthier, meaning unless I want to dig into the gallon of non-fat yogurt (I dont) I am left with few options. Fortunately, one of those options is eggs, and their spice collection is pretty good.

I went to the dentist today at noon, and by the time I got back (i hadn't eaten breakfast) I had worked up quite an appetite. I wanted to try and take things to the next level with my eggs, and this is what I made (it was delicious).

4 eggs
a little bit of water
[[[1/2 a red bell pepper
3 mushrooms
a can of diced Hatch Chilis]]] - all cooked down first, with the hatch chilis thrown in towards the end
some Havarti Cheese
salt, pepper, curry, Schezwan seasoning (which is garlic, ginger, and red pepper base i think), red pepper, a little bit of cinnamon
Tabasco brand spicy Worcestershire sauce

cooked in oil. remember, pepper tastes best if you throw it in in the middle.

I think that was it. It was great. Basically I smelled the Schezwan seasoning side by side with some curry and figured I could get away with combining the two. I'd previously been making eggs with red pepper, yellow curry, and cinnamon as a spice base, so that recipe got thrown in, along with some chunkier stuff that I traditionally enjoy in eggs. I didn't have any onion, otherwise there would have been some of that in there too. First I tried to make it an omelet out of it, but there was too much shit and it ended up as scrambled eggs.

But yeah, pretty good shit, try it out sometime if you like. I recommend Schezwan seasoning, its a good combo and good flavor and you can mix it in with your regular spices. I'll tell you another thing, if there had been any Allspice, I probably would have thrown that in too, and I'll bet it would have been pretty good. When I was in Athens there was this can of whole Allspices and you can just crush them in your fingers and they taste real fresh, just like whole peppercorns.

-Chef Ethan, Over and Out

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Monday, September 21, 2009

RIP Roc Raida

Fast forward to 4:45 if you don't have patience for the whole set. Totally sick.


If you haven't seen this A-Trak DMC set, it's truly inspiring. Definitely the most memorable DMC set I've seen. Say what you will about his label Fool's Gold, but the dude is an undeniably genius turntablist.

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Friday, September 18, 2009


Holla. I've got some gigs coming up...

Friday 9-18 (tonight!) at Ranch 616 - from 8 to 11ish. Should be classy.

On Thursdays I usually play records at Bird's Barbershop on east 6th from 5-8. I'm pushing that gig an hour earlier, form 4-7, in order to make it over to the coffee shop formerly known as Clementine, now Thunderbird Manor. I'll be playing some funky stuff from 8 to 10. Bring your study materials.

Then next Saturday I'll be playing an art show at Bird's on east 6th. There'll be a bunch of great art and also a trunk show so you can buy some jewelry for your girl.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love to Share

Hey, here's a new beat I'm pretty happy with. It's based on a sample from the disco group Unlimited Touch.

Diamond Mine - Love to Share

In other news, my hip-hop group might be playing a show in early October, watch out.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 909!

In honor of my all time favorite drum machine the roland tr-909:

Build your own 909 -

Play a 909 (+ 303 + 808 + fx) right now in flash - (the 909 is not in there by default, you have to add it via bottom left corner...if you just want the 909 but not as good an emulation, an old one is at

Jeff Mills - rockin the 909 into a dj set as he does (he really breaks it down in the middle)

Jeff Mills Raw 909

Youtube dudes show off their gear fetishism

Radiohead - Videotapes (Scotch Mist version) - Jonny rocks the 909 and great up close porno of the thing

Daft Punk - Revolution 909 acapella (Roger & Junior's Revolutionary War Mix)

Daft Punk - Revolution 909 (original)

This is the track, the video is at (disabled embeds be damned)

I love you all

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Sunday, September 6, 2009


just watch all of these

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Friday, September 4, 2009

slow jamz boo oo ty


be careful with this playlist, that's all i'm saying.

featuring (not in this order)...

notorious big - big poppa
pm dawn - set adrift on memory bliss
d'angelo - brown sugar d'angelo - one mo'gin
faith evans - soon as I get home
jodeci - feenin' (c&s)
usher - nice & slow
swv - you're always on my mind
busta and janet - what's it gonna be (s&c)
tlc - red light special
isley brothers - between the sheet (c&s)
mariah carey w/ jigga - heartbreaker (c&s)
mint condition - breakin' my heart (pretty brown eyes)
aaliyah - one in a million
aaliyah - come over (c&s)
brandy - wanna be down (c&s)
r kelly - your body's callin' me
r kelly - feelin' on your booty (c&s)
r kelly - bump and grind (c&s)
keith sweat - nobody
keith sweat w/ kut klose - get up on it
bone thugs - tha crossroads

I love you all

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

a little gansta love

1- missy elliot (ft nicole wray and big boi) - all in my grill
2- guerilla maab - fondren and main
3- foxy brown - no one's
4- brandy - wanna be down
5- isley brothers - between the sheets
6- jodeci - feenin'
7- aaliyah - one in a million
8- crime boss - put em up
9- 112 (bad boy remix) (ft the notorious b.i.g. and mase) - only you
10- warren g - gansta love
11- 2pac - thug n me, thug n u (first ya'll do me, then i'll fuck y'all!)
12- pimp tyte and esg - thug love
13- little italy (ft silkk the shocker) - ghetto fame
14- too $hort, 2pac, mc breed - for my hustlers
15- 8ball and mjg - it's like candy
16- da brat and jd - just wanna party
17- 2pac - live and die in la

by dj screw
part one
part two

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