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Friday, September 4, 2009

slow jamz boo oo ty


be careful with this playlist, that's all i'm saying.

featuring (not in this order)...

notorious big - big poppa
pm dawn - set adrift on memory bliss
d'angelo - brown sugar d'angelo - one mo'gin
faith evans - soon as I get home
jodeci - feenin' (c&s)
usher - nice & slow
swv - you're always on my mind
busta and janet - what's it gonna be (s&c)
tlc - red light special
isley brothers - between the sheet (c&s)
mariah carey w/ jigga - heartbreaker (c&s)
mint condition - breakin' my heart (pretty brown eyes)
aaliyah - one in a million
aaliyah - come over (c&s)
brandy - wanna be down (c&s)
r kelly - your body's callin' me
r kelly - feelin' on your booty (c&s)
r kelly - bump and grind (c&s)
keith sweat - nobody
keith sweat w/ kut klose - get up on it
bone thugs - tha crossroads

I love you all

1 comment:

  1. this is great, love the chops.

    could use some 112.