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Monday, July 9, 2012

EMHU record is done // RXR @ HoC

There is a new EMHU record and the tracking for it is done. its called "No Man is an Island" and its 13 tracks about 45 minutes long, I believe. Should be mixing it down Friday, so stoked! also check it out, RXR played a sweet show at House of Commons in May. Thx to Sean Padilla for taking video, here is the bands playing the show: RXR: Each Other (Montreal): Milezo & The Noize:

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Electric thoughts on Escapes day 4

Day 4 was Monday, aka Rockers Convention day. From the iterative processes department, there has always been a day of Escapes where at one point you look around and everyone is a rocker. I read somewhere that SXSW is a conference for "musicians and people who look like musicians." I thought that was pretty apt. Well, rockers convention day doesn't even feel like its just for musicians, it feels like its for rock musicians, and cut out all the people who "look like musicians" they have more important places to be. There was a lot of low level schmoozing during the day. I really enjoyed it, there is so much going on that it is almost asinine to try and make any business type connections off a conversation so you are really relegated into just enjoying the company of these cool people from different states. I talked to a couple that was down from Tennessee for a while, but I cant remember the name of the band, I think it was just his project. "If you are ever in Tennessee..." we did all that, but really we were just talking about how it would be cool to go to Tennessee. All my exs live in Texas, and all that. Jokey jokey jokes. At one point i became cognizant that there was schmooze in the air, but I think also if people want to do that its nice to give them a room to do it, and I think that's a good grassroots way to meet someone. Hopefully someone gets at of it somewhere that helps them plug a hole in their tour and stick an extra $40 in the tank.

This day had kind of a funny rolling start. Mercer insisted to Gene that the show started at 1, or needed to be unlocked at 1 PM, and on the schedule the first part of the show read like this

"2 PM - 4 PM **jam** <---this is a special event, including special sub-events"

the reality is no one was on the same page and I think the club was still locked at around 4 when we gotg out there.

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