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Thursday, May 31, 2007

First Blog Inside Joke: Ego Waffles

So I was eating some Ego Waffles (which will become a recurrent theme of this blog) thinking about how much weight Ive gained (10 lbs) since I started working at Jimmy Johns (3 weeks ago) when I realized I should be posting another blog.

Today I went to the 5th Van Cliburn Outstanding Ameteurs Competition at TCU in Fort Worth. It was the last day of the opening round and my uncle Martin Gross was performing. He did a Scarlati that another woman did too (his was better), a short Grieg piece nicknamed the Cradle Song, a Chopin I think and a rag called The Atomic Shuffle. Its written down in the program which I am going to scan in hopefully. His program was changed up. It was very well recieved but I think he probably fell just short of making the semis (25 out of the original 75 accepted into the event). I'll know tomorrow, I hope they tell him where exactly he placed, it would be nice to know.

We are going to have a house show here at Casa Vista (2009 Vista Lane, ATX) next Thursday June 7th. The flyer isn't made yet because Dann is California Dreaming right now and he usually handles that, although I just made the header to this blog all by myself and it turned out alright so maybe Ill give it a shot. Im going to play an Effete mini-set as is custom, Firewood (Taft and those guys) are going to play and WS-Burn is going to play as well. A band from I believe Houston called The Satin Hooks who are Charlie Alvorado's friends if I remember might play as well. It should be an all around good time.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Casa Vista post 1

So apparently their is this thing called "music blogs". According to a reporter for the Austin Chronicle they are all the "new rage." I read about it on wikipedia and then I figured it was time to get in on the action. Call it "That Reverse X-Rays Kid," or call it "the lease is already signed on Rancho Relaxo but that was taken" ( ... lets see if this blog gets better). Really what made me excited to do this was the discovery that there are now blog aggregates that you can link to like Rotten Tomatoes, except for music blogs. Once this gets going a bit I will do that ( and the hype machine are the two that wikipedia had listed)

So where am I tonight? I played music with Taft and some of his friends for the first time. They have a nice set up on 28th and a half. They've got a piano but the highlight was these Gibson acoustic guitars. Those guys have a Dylan vibe and can all sing. They are playing their first show proper at the Parlor in about a week, but I dont think they have a name yet. There was a party at Jenny Alvorado's tonight that the Strange Boys played among others but I couldn't go because I had my second to last shift of work for Jimmy Johns. I locked my keys in the car on the job which was embarassing. Shane went and said it was cool.

Tomorrow morning ( a few hours) my mom is going to drive me to Fort Worth where we are going to watch my Uncle Martin compete in the Van Cliburn piano competition. He is in the amateurs bracket but its already a big honor, because they only accept 75 amateur contestants to be juried. I think he must be practicing alot because he is going to play the piece that he won the Dallas High School piano player competition with back in the 60s and hes played it for me before but there were parts he couldn't get through. I'm excited, he goes on at 1:30.

I have mp3s I want to post here soon once i figure out how. One in particular that my recently ex-roommate and all around awesome guy Jeff Cooper ripped off my vinyl for me. Its a dub track off KTW Dub by Junior Dan.

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