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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Proposed Cover Song

Hey Reverse X Rays.
Cover this.
It probably has the most psychadelic and percussive potential of any Sam Cooke song however I welcome challenges to that statement.

Sam Cooke - (Ain't That) Good News

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This band is called Pylon. They are an early 80s band from Athens GA. This is from a documentary called Athens Ga. INSIDE/OUT. I'm going to start listening to them a lot.

also re: the last post. I did some research...tiny mix tapes made the deerhunter/faust connection when cryptograms came out, so i lose! not first!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Musical Observations

This one is from Shane: There is a track on the new Beck record that is a TOTAL ripoff of an Aphrodite's Child song on 666. One of the better ones---where it goes "the leading horse is black..." etc

This one is from me: Deerhunter gets their drum conception directly from Faust. dude jacks some of the same fills and totally the approach, but just sticks everything in 4/4 (Neu!'s it up, I guess you could say)

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kelly's apollo

so i'm posting this before shane does. our friend mercer showed it to us.

can't stop watching it.

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Good Morning

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

one day by ugk

one day (chopped and screwed)

Mama put me out at only fourteen
So I start sellin crack cocaine and codeine
Time to stack some paper think I'm a do it quick
Thinkin I'm a juvenile but they dont know who they messin wit, yeah
My mama's only son
But I live everyday like its my muthafuckin last one
Every nigga and they mama askin why
But I'm in the game live by the game and in the game I'm a die
But if I die or should I say if I go
Bury me in Hiram Clarke next to the come and go
Cause tomorrow aint promised to me
The only thing promised to a playa is the penetentiary
So I'm a take care of my business on the smooth tip
Watch my back sellin crack and pack two clips
When ya think about that you say "it'll be on"
Its a trip youre here today but the next day youre gone

One day youre here, baby
But then youre gone (repeat)

Bun B
This world we livin in man it aint nuthin but drama
Everyone wanna harm ya in New york niggas gettin shot fo bombers
Now they got yo life in the former they in like California
Niggas who roll that hydroponic-marijuana
Gangbangin got the ghetto hotter than a sauna
Back in Orange my nigga Pop died on the corner
Behind a funky-ass dice game
I saw once before he died wished it was twice mayn
I remember bein eight deep off in Chucky crib
Lettin us act bad not givin a fuck what we did
When we lost him I knew the world was comin to the end
And I had to quit lettin that devil push me to a sin
My brother been in the pen fo damn near ten
But now it looks like when he come out man I'm goin in
So shit I walk around wit my mind blown in my own fuckin zone
Cause one day you here but the next day you gone

One day you here baby
But then youre gone (repeat)

Pimp C
I'm up early cuz aint enough light in the daytime
Smoke two sweets get in these streets out the pop up line
Peanut holder my boulders smolder on the PA pipes
Ak loader as I get swallowed under city lights
Niggas be lookin shife so I look shife back
Cant show no weakness in these streets you'll get yo life jacked
Mayn its a trip where i stay especially for me
This bitches tryin to lock me up for the whole century
They gave my boy down in Florida Dante 19
I wish that we could smoke again and take a tight lean
My world a trip you can ask Bun B bitch I aint no liar
My man RoRo jus lost his baby in a house fire
And then when I got on my knees that night to pray
I asked God why he let these killas live and take my homeboy's son away
Man if you got kids show em you love em cuz God jus might call em home
Cuz one day you here but baby the next day you gone

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Bitch, I'm Me."

Lil Wayne - I'm Me

Nobody’s fucking with Lil’ Wayne, “But you already knew that”, he croons on the intro to “I’m Me”. The verses are self-esteem stampedes, Lil’ Wayne declares himself hip-hop’s referee, a presidential candidate, and God, all before he even hits the first chorus. But what’s most interesting about the first track off the Tha Carter 3: Deluxe Edition bonus disc isn’t the superlative non-sequiturs, it’s that he doesn’t really need to say he’s the best rapper alive anymore, his argument is understood. All he has to say is, “Bitch, I’m me”.

How does he manage to pull off such a minimal hook? A clue lies in the religious allusions of his verses. His claim to “Fuck’em/Even if they’re celibate” implies the Holy Spirit’s power of Immaculate Conception. “Staring at the stone/Knowing I might get through it” serves as a double entendre for both selling crack and Jesus passing through the boulder that blocked his tomb. Along with the claim of Godliness in the first verse, Lil’ Wayne has hit every angle of the Holy Trinity. Tha Carter 3 is his new testament, even the cover art, a headshot of an infant Lil’ Wayne photo-shopped to include his signature facial tattoos, alludes to predestination as heir to hip-hop’s throne.

I don’t think Lil’ Wayne is God, but the religious allusions made me realize he’s taken a page Saint Augustine for his chorus. To make it a little clearer, let’s insert Lil’ Wayne into a remix of the teleological argument:

1. Lil’ Wayne’s flow is too complex, orderly, adaptive, apparently purposeful, or beautiful to have occurred randomly or accidentally.
2. Therefore, Lil’ Wayne’s flow must have been created by a sentient, intelligent, wise, or purposeful being.
3. Lil’ Wayne is that sentient, intelligent, wise, or purposeful being.
4. Therefore, Lil’ Wayne exists.

He’s reached the highest levels of musical ubiquity, establishing himself so prominently in hip-hop’s landscape that he’s earned the right to keep it simple. The first three premises of the above argument have been so beaten to death on mixtapes and guest verses that they’re simply understood by anyone listening to Tha Carter 3. His reputation proceeds him, the myth of Lil’ Wayne casts such a shadow over catchphrases that all he really needs to say is “I’m Me”.

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what is it that is so fundamentally evil about organ grinders? - this guy has lots of nice work.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Everything Happens

Stream the entire new Brian Eno & David Byrne "electronic-gospel" collaboration. I'm only about halfway through it and it's making me really happy. Expect a proper review soon.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Jay-Z Interview

Charlie Rose interview of Jay-Z. Really insightful and doesn't get boring even though it's an hour long.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Vampire Weekend back in the crosshairs

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

road recepies

when making eggs want to mix it up a bit? try this colorful 2 headed beast of a seasoning combo: yellow curry and red pepper. Im sure other shit was added to it as well (cinnamon?) but those were the 2 main ingredients to these really delicious omelets Evan made us at Swiss House is Dallas. Also: if you are making a pizza in the oven (digorno or something), go ahead and just cut up and pile it high with veggies. We did that with green pepper and tomato yesterday and it was mega delicious.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

bananahat live music

this is the video for a dance project that red rover studios from sf did on the stanford campus.
live music by a group im in called bananahat.

you can hear a lot of the korg er-1 feeding back on itself. oh and shit loads of youtube compression, which, actually, kind, of, rules. the video is slightly edited (i assume for youtube length) but its still cool.

if you can wait it out you will be treated to drone goodness.


if you are in lawrence, ks tomorrow, go see the reverse x-rays, if you want whats good for you. from what ive heard its definitely good for you.

ps. thanks for bearing with us during redesign.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tour Kickoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

Whoaaaa so we had a parttay last night. I think it went rather well, with the exception of the door to our bathroom getting kicked in and completely fucked. Hey, take it out of our deposit. It was a black light party and the basement was tricked out blacklight style, courtesy one mr david salines, who i found passed out on my floor at 4 in the morning after returning from some appartment complex crashing swimming (across Red River from the HEB...nice pool, id never been there before). There was an empty couch available. Signs of a good party, I guess.

Anyways, we are about to embark on our great adventure. 4 weeks! It seems like a really long time. Like, this whole idea is almost silly, but I guess we will see how silly it is after we get back. I just can't even imagine all the adventuring that is going to go down, but I guess if you have to give us credit for one thing, its that we usually live to tell the tale. Plus Party Chris (henceforth WYLD Chris, as opposed to Regular Chris, which is Chris Reed) gave us all necklaces and WYLDPRTY Tshirts. I was there, so i got first pick, and grabbed the necklace with the turtle to protect from bad vibes. I think they all have personalities. The turtle one is protection. Its my spirit animal now. I also got the shirt with the glow in the dark.

Who Played The Show:
Reverse X-Rays -- probably our best show ever
Plutonium Farmers -- these guys are killed it. Jonathan asked at one point "are we too loud?" The answer was no. You guys are loud as fuck, but no, you are not too loud. you are rocking out.
Operation Playmate -- Erich Ragsdale and Eric Archer ...was this IDM? It was badass.
Ethan Master of the Hawaiian Ukulele -- That dudes an asshole! No, I'm just kidding
Little Mystery Trail -- Christine Aprile solo jammer. badass.


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Roctakon Dream

So last night after the Reverse X Rays tour kickoff and apartment pool after-party, I had a funny little dream about DJ Roctakon. He's from New York City and has been around for awhile, I've never seen him play but his Baltimore remixes on the first Money Lotion record from Turntablelab were a staple of my 2k6/7 DJ sets.

The dude is somewhat notorious in the DJ blogging world for being an asshole. He disses people specifically in blogs (Theo Parrish), makes a lot of comments about things he hates about younger DJs on the Low Budget Board , and isn't ashamed to play top 40 trash for the big dollars. He also likes to make a point of how he makes more money than any DJ who wants to argue with him on the internet.

So, in dream world, I find out he is hosting a party at his house. He lives in New York City, Chinatown from what I've gathered from the blogosphere, but that doesn't really deter me. I end up going to this house party and suddenly all of my friends want to go as well, we're crashing Roctakon's party.

So myself and party crashing company enter the house and suddenly I'm piss drunk, stumbling here and there, and I knock over a lamp. I'm like a drunken sailor, Johnny Depping by way of Keith Richarding my way through this party of people wearing really trendy hats whose blogs I've probably downloaded disco songs from.

Luckily no one seemed to notice that I was floating like a sailboat around this house uninvited. I manage to leave, drive drunk, and get pulled over by two police officers. They come in from my left and right, getting closer and closer to my car and so that i have to slow down and they block my path in a V formation. And then I woke up. I usually wake up in situations like that. Except a few nights ago when I killed a police officer instead of waking up. I'm hard sometimes.

Here's the "promo video" for Roctakon's new mix, which has been posted on about every blog I read.

roctakon promo from Woods on Vimeo.

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