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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Diamond Mine Beat Tape #1

Here's a mixtape I've been working on of 7 original hip-hop beats. If you're a sample spotter you might recognize samples from Roxy Music, Foreigner, The Floaters, The O'Jays, Alessandro Alessondroni, Liquid Liquid, Gary Davis and his Professor, Giorgio Moroder, The Kinks, and a bunch of others. You might also recognize Jay-Z, MF Doom, Biggie, Lil' Wayne, Big L, Ghostface, and Busta Rhymes as they stopped by my house and lent me some of their best rhymes.

Diamond Mine - Beat Tape #1

Diamond Mine - Beat Tape #1 (Instrumental)


I've also included the instrumental version in case you like to rap. If anybody wants to get on these beats, let me know.



  1. ive never liked jay-z, and after telling me 'not to light a blunt but to light a j', i like him less.

    a rapper restricting marijuana intake on my internets?!?! no way.

    dope beats to you though mr g.

  2. yer beats inspired me to and accompanied me while i got on it to fix the mp3 player (it was a stupid mistake)...