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Thursday, April 30, 2009

all we know how to do is screw it

mostly from don deal and dusk 2 dawn mixtapes. i found links to the dj screw discography, if such a thing could be complete, this is pretty close. hit me up ill give you the link. meantime, turn this up and enjoy.

part one
part two

1- if i ruled the world (nas + tupac)
2- big momma thang (lil kim + jay-z ) (one of my fav kim songs - original is great too, lyrics below)
3- rapper's ball/black superman (e-40/above the law) (this song is insane!!!)
4- can't stop the reign (shaq + biggie)
5- call me (daz)
6- i likes to funk (above the law)
7- sittin on top of the world (da brat)
8- what that mail like (spice 1)
9- snoops upside ya head (snoop dogg)
10- it's just the way it go (above the law)
11- show me u ain't a hater (too $hort)
12- u ain't never had a friend like me (tupac)

I used to be scared of the dick
Now I throw lips to the shit
Handle it like a real bitch
Heather Hunter, Janet Jack-me
Take it in the butt, yah, yazz wha
I got land in Switzerland, even got sand in the Marylands
Bahamas in the spring, baby, it's a Big Momma thing
Can't tell by the diamonds in my rings
That's how many times I wanna cum, twenty-one
And another one, and another one, and another one
24 carots nigga
That's when I'm fuckin wit' the average nigga
Work the shaft, brothers be battin' me, and oh
Don'tcha like the way I roll
And play wit' my bushy
Tell me what's on your mind when your tongues in the pussy I
s it marriage Damn, this bitch is bad
Baby carriage Damn, I love that ass
Shit no, on a dime shit is mine
Got to keep 'em comin' all the time why

Killas be quiet, my nigga bring the riots
Tough talk, tough walk, shit is tired
You wanna be this Queen B, but ya can't be
That's why your mad at me

Killas be quiet, my nigga bring the riots
Tough talk, tough walk, shit is tired
You wanna be this Queen B, but ya can't be
That's why youre mad at me

Before I caught some niggas disease, got caught with his ki's
Big scooped a young bitch off her knees
Threw me at high priced Beam's
Face on tv's, platinum CD's
Shit, I never faught
Saw a nigga whah, pussy greased up
Stack the g's up, keeps the knees up
What the fuck, stay fillin, half a millin
Geneva Diva, yeah, I throws it down
Lay around, clown the clock stops for no one
Never 68 and owe 1, takes one to know one
Better off wit the Playboy magazines uh, fuckin' wit da Don
Push the keys, G's threes for pape's
Yeah, I ride crate state to state
Lieutenant takes mad dimes from New York to Anaheim
While you daydreamin' wine, I'll just keep gettin mine
And I'm married to this
Ya'll strategy misses still plannin weddin's
M.A.F.I.A. also deadens all the bullshit Any type of threatens to pull shit, uh

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