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Thursday, January 8, 2015

whad i do anyways 2014

shouldn't i like have a record of what i did, n stuff?

Pizza Shop that was this year oh yeah, I had to have a job before that right?  Workin hard or hardly workin?  I really wanna pizza shoppe it again some in 2015, I really like it.  I just get so excited for pie !!!

Least fun family vacation of all time.  I dont remember what I did after that

Probably getting ready for sxsw?

We did sxsw big....7 Party Plants shows.  There was an ESCAPES with 33 bands at 1808.  Burger pool party at Julians, it was too cold to get in the pool, but the Fajitas were great !

I think I started working at the pizza shop around here, it may have been May.  East Side Pies on Airport I was so happy and proud and stuff to be working 33 hrs a week.

just doin band stuff, workin at the pizza shop.  Towards the end started smoking weed before work too often, probably.  Took up skateboarding.  Tried to fit in with the guys but it just wasnt working out.  Guys are like girls, you just gotta show up and not care, or something.  Then they will fuck you, eww totally gross, NOT.  So not into that.  none of that gay shit.  Also banging the coworker, what do you work at a pizza shop or something?  Ive never done it, Ive heard its fucking commonplace as all hell, but all the girls that worked there had boyfriends, I didnt want to go head to head with anyone cause I got bigger fish to fry and plus I can get my own shit right?  Have a little self respect !!  Felt real beat down by the end of that tho, coudnt write good songs cause all the words I wrote sounded like they were written by a pussy, which sucked, but I kinda knew it was cause I backed down.  But it all worked out later cause fuck that guy he sucks dick !!!!!!     Bigger fish to fry .....

I "retired" from the pizza game, with some chagrin, some time around here.  Some dude didnt like me there and then the whole pirate ship turned on me.  It was a smoke out.

Turned 29 !!  That definitely happened.  Sitting around feeling like blah blah blah or whatever.  Had a lot of money saved up and felt really bad about spending it on just not having a job, that felt stupid.

November 7th big day, got picked up for SNOW WITE tour.  That went from Austin at that point (the tour itself started in LA) to

Tour continued, went back to detroit for the best 2 weeks of my life, and then back to Austin for xmas.  Played that Bill Baird show at the house.

JAN 2015
began work on Personal Art Project ZINE / SXSW ..... had idea to start a Label finally.  Thats gonna be dependent on if I make money though I think.  I have to sell some shit just to make it to march without getting a job, which is weird cause Im trying to get a job/?

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