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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Snow Wite tour recap / odds and ends

Its been too long, fearless blog readers.  I made the intelligent decision of not bringing my laptop on tour, but that is not helping me with my issues with the "l" key.  isnt it annoying when you have to press down extra hard on one key all the time and it fucks with your flow?   I love you all

Ok, so November 7th, 2014 was a cool day.  We (Party Plants) played a show with Snow Wite and Period Bomb....well, we didnt actually play the show with them cause we got them hooked up with a $$ gig, which as we all know touring bands all need $$, and then there was a kegger at my place afterwards.  That went really late, some shit went down with their drummer , who is the type of dude that does a lot of psychedelics, very psychedelic dude, Gus, and voila, we got tacos with our dates* (my date in this instance was my roommate Fernando) the next morning and then they went off somewhere random, no one could get in touch with them, and then I was the new drummer for Snow Wite tour.  I was Snow Wite's 9th drummer, I liked to tell people it was kinda like Beethoven's 9th symphony, ya know?  duh duh duh duuuuhhhh.  duh duh duh duuuuuh.  Anywhos, we crammed in the car (5 ppl in a Subaru was tight) and headed up to a show in Ft Worth that night.  I had only tried out on 4 of the songs, so we listened to the record on repeat on the drive to Ft Worth and I was trying to memorize where the parts change and stuff.  Played there and Dallas and long drived it (7 hrs) straight to Kansas City, which is not actually a horrible idea if you wanna just get to the midwest, cause then boom you just went straight from Texas to the Midwest.  Id never thought of it like that.  I guess Kansas City was day 3 of shows.  I didnt really have my sealegs yet, I faded with the night.  Our hosts were in a band called Dated, who were fucking amazing, and amazing ppl, Brock and Erica.  Brock gave me a sick recipie that is going in my personal art project zine for sxsw, which will not be on the internet, and probably cost me money to make, hopefully ppl will give me donations.

Anyways, its boring to type this all out, and plus its all my gossip, you gotta ask me in person, I guess its all my info, which is shitty mainly because I want to write it out, but its not really mine to share, whereas ESCAPES i can write out everything that happens.

But it was awesome there was some good stories, totally would roll w that crew again.

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