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Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Year, New Wave

September is in the air. The most exciting of all months on the Austin social calendar, IMO. New spaces and people, and yet, next verse same as the first. Had a chance this weekend to hit up 3 events...the first New Guild Coop party of the year "around the world" where you go from room to room and try a different drink, the first Rancho Dance party of the new tenants career, and the party the Totally Wreck crew was having at their new warehouse space over on Bolm road. The Coop party sort of had an ironic time-traveler feel to it for me. How i did not get any booty when I was living at one is a mystery to me (due to selective memory) because it is just a bunch of folks getting drunk and then lusty. I guess I didn't have what it takes, but fortunately the result is that I got spit out the other end of the Coop Lifecycle Workshop STD free, so we can call it a wash.

It was also a miraculous night because I got to ride my bike for the first time in 2 months. Next stop would be to truck it down to Rancho and see what those folks were doin with the place. Well, they painted the garage to do movie shoots in it, that was a bit of a disappointment. We were pretty sure the property management company had done it at first, but hey, its their place now. And the backyard was still "yup, its rancho alright." Same hodgepodge of folks drinking and throwing their beer cans on the ground. Only now, thankfully I don't have to pick them up.

The real winner of an event this weekend was last night at the Totally Wreck place. I love the parking lot, and just chilled there for the first hour, hour and a half. It has this very yellow, very Austin lighting for the parking lot. My friend Kate said one time she always knew she was in Austin by the yellow light, and it really could not have been more true than at this parking lot outside their new warehouse space. It was great, basking in the yellow light. It was pretty hot in the room from reports, but I didn't think it was that hot. It was a little loud so that unless you were dancing it made more sense to hang out in the parking lot with the cool kids. really i was just waiting for the night to be almost over to go in there and dance. Hanging out in a parking lot drinking is just where it is at. "Outside the show" (there was a show, but I think I didn't notice. Someone told me it was the best show they had seen in a long time....some sort of sound problems turned into a meltdown / breakdown that somehow involved the crowd and was awesome, or something). Par for the course (in a good way). I'm just glad there seems to be a dedicated space for the New Wavers to have a party once a month or whatever. It is just outside enough that it keeps the riff raff gone, and yet is actually pretty damn close, although I dont know that I want to be biking down Airport, I am probably always going to drive when i go there, or get a ride (plenty of people biked it). Projections by Lori and also Vidkids. I really liked the party because I knew I could just wait around at this one party and all my friends would basically cycle in and around. It was great to catch up with so many folks.

Then at the end of the night the dance party scene was great. There was one girl playing it cool and one guy going nuts, and I could kinda swing how i felt like dancing from one polarity to the other.

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