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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


hey guys,

im sorry for that downer of a last post. I got all in freakout mode from bein by myself, but I want everyone out there to know I am staying positive, despite the Iraq war. Good vibe radio waves. I really just wanted to post to say I'm sorry, especially for Spaming a bunch of shit after J's awesome post about some sort of technical jargon related to 30 year old synthesizers, which I thought was really cool, and completely didn't understand (you really should go back and put some tags on that post so when people search it in the future it will show up on google), but I suppose I should post something funny as a way to make up for it, so here's the trailer to "The Ladies Man" starring Tim Meadows:

"yeah we did some pretty messed up junk, heh heh heh"

"I am a master of greco-roman wrestling" and "10-4 apricot"

"whoops, butterfingers"

"And I am lookin at a half empty bottle of Courvoisier which means we are just about out of time"

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  1. i didn't think it was too downer...but much appreciate the ladies man.

    and ps. pt 2 of recent MPC excursions is on the way