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Sunday, July 25, 2010

2010 controversies

we are over halfway there guys! what shook us to the core in 2010?

lets ask wikipedia.

OK, we've got 5 big ones...

* Arrest of Bradley Manning

* Boobquake

* Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

* Newsweek gay actor controversy

* 2010 Tonight Show conflict

Hmm, that first one, never heard of that guy, lets come back to it. Boobquake, apparently 200,000 women shook the earth with their boobs. Some people liked it and some didn't. Controversy ensued. Everybody Draw Mohammed Day, yeah I think I remember hearing about that, the South Park guys did that right? Also some guy in Newsweek said gay guys can't convincingly portray straight guys. Good thing America still has bros around like Bruce Willis to get the job done for us, otherwise, I think we might have some sort of national identity crisis, especially now that I hear mr. Braveheart Mel Gibson is leaving the country. Maybe he's just looking for some "freeedddooooom" (isn't that from that movie?) And I don't think anyone is forgetting Free Coco any time soon.

But wait, what was that first one tho?
22 year old Army bro thinks he's upholding the constitution by exposing murder by the US Army to wikileaks, even tho his CO clearly told him to stfu? I think I saw something about that on the cover of for a day, about 30 seconds before our country went back to forgetting we are in endless war in two different countries right now (with towelheads, its ok). Fight them over there so we dont have to fight them over here, i think. So they threw Bradley in the pen without charge for a month and now they do charge him and he's looking at 55 years and being denied lawyers? Sounds like you done fucked up, bro. First rule about hackerclub: dont talk about hackerclub. That's actually the second rule as well. Oh well, good luck man. I'll be sure and cry some Lindsay Lohan sized crocodile tears for you and your mama if they come down with a guilty verdict, but I guess there are worse things than going to jail indefinitely for a good cause, like say, being one of the 5500 dead soldiers, or 1000x? dead Iraqis or Afgans (that x? means I have no idea how many 0s there are supposed to be), or watching the American economy go down the drain because we are too busy spending money on this shit (although maybe they'll let you do that you get TV in military jails?)

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