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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Had a quintessentially perfect night on the beach the other night. The kids have been having trouble getting out on the beach, but the night before we had teased it out of them and now they were ready. Likewise, the regular locals who cruise Kaanapali had been a bit standoffish the night before, but that too would come to an end. It was Christmas night and we had all the essentials: 2 guitars, 4 guitarists, some girls, plenty of beer and weed, the narc cart assigned to patrol the beach off for the holiday, and to top it off, it was the 3 zany Cooper bros last night in town. The guitars went around and around, the classics were played (beach standards = Hendrix, some Zepp, an ironic rendering of "Cat Scratch Fever" which on this night was tastefully only hinted at, etc). The night wore on, the locals mood was gradually elevated until they too were jamming along, and then Adam drew our attention to the moon, lined up square and low on the horizon flanked by the twin islands of Lanai and Molikai (i think). There it was, big, orange and steadily lowering towards the water, which it was reflecting orange off of. The sing-a-long turned to jamming which intensified to a fever pitch, as if we were concluding some sort of special Phish show. And then the moon crept underneath and about five minutes later everyone was in bed.

Oh also, that day I went to JAWS the famous big wave surf spot and saw dudes carve up 20 footers, it was fuckin' bad - ACE.

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