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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Socks and Sandles

In a development sure to tickle Saucepot's funny bone, I got off my sweaty ass long enough yesterday to truck it down to the wal-mart and purchase some brand spankin new 7 dollar Corona flip-flops. What was the threshold ruptured so severely to cause this drastic action? Really it was quite simple...I ran out of clean socks. Not only had I run out of clean socks; when I went to my suitcase I discovered that outside the dirty pair I had been wearing, I was down to one brown sock. Maybe this tour should have been called "Socks Across America." So I bought some sandals, and I gotta say, I have never been happier.

So I guess you could say I am settled in, or that things are down to normal. To my own amazement I drank half a gallon of grapefruit juice in the past two days, just through the natural course of things. Using the spices afforded to me on the Secret Squirrel Spice Rack I successfully experimented a new combo for egg-in-the-middles this morning. The combo is: yellow curry, red cayenne pepper, and cinnamon. Also salt and pepper, and Ill bet you could add sugar as well if you wanted. Its good. The spice combo goes back to a show RXR played in Dallas about a year ago.

There is a show tonight (quite soon really) at SS that I am opening. A band from DC called Hume and Bubbly Mommy Gun. This show is gonna be great, I can feel it. There is a keg for Joe's 21st birthday (he drums for BMG, an Athens band that Mercer and Greg from Quiet Hooves is also in) and has a broken finger, so presumably we are gonna get him wasted before he has to go out and drum all out with a broken finger! One smack could lead to total disaster, and while of course I hope it doesn't happen, they are playing last, and its not like he should be saying "oh i think id better wait to start drinking." Just my 2 cents.

I am gonna play an old ukulele song called "I wondered" which I am mentioning in case my bandmates are interested in reviving it, reggae style. Note to self/bandmates...

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