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Friday, February 13, 2009


One thing I hate about CDs...I used to have an Oscar Peterson CD, but I lost it. I wish I had it right now to listen to. Here's some Oscar Peterson in youtube audio quality. The video starts like 10 seconds into the song. Look at those hands on those keys, man.

Japan 1983

Right, so yeah, I quit listening to jazz. I far from exhausted it, I just quit wanting to listen to it at any given moment really. It became distant in my thoughts. E. Saucepot told me that he had gotten away from hip-hop and was recently excited because he felt like he was getting back into it. I think it may be a similar thing. Maybe more hip-hop and more more jazz in '09. Or maybe I'll want to listen to a whole bunch of rappers not rapping on autotune (j/k. that joke is soooo '08.)

Anyways, yeah Oscar Peterson is one of the best. All the guys at UT Music School liked Bill Evans the best but I think that is fucking bullshit. BTW, thats a knock on the way they taught music at the UT Music school, not a knock on Bill Evans. Bill Evans is great, but he shouldn't have been everybody's favorite, just because people have different personalities. There was no one at music school I felt like I could trust to give me jazz or classical music that I specifically would like. That's why if you go to grad school for music, you need to go for one specific professor, or maybe for the faculty. If I went to school for music again I would get so much more out of it.

Bill Evans, "I Loves You Porgy" Solo - NYC 1969

Ok, but here's Nina Simone doing the same song, and tell me, doesnt that just MOVE YOU IN YOUR SOUL

I mean, its fundamentally an unfair comparison, because shes fucking Nina Simone, and its not like people can sing that song like that just because they want to and have a pretty good voice. She fucking owns that song, no one can ever touch it. But I don't believe that side is taught as readily in school, and that's why your average mediocre jazz university student sounds like an idiot wanker.

Wise old lady Nina Simone (still got it) tells you whats important in life and makes you wish she was your grandma:

I think I figured out what this whole Lil' Wayne rock and roll thing is all about....

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  1. Nina Simone was one of those artists I had put off listening to until late last year... yeah, it's prety much all soul moving stuff