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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boogie Classics: Mighty 7 and Mtume

So there's this great blog called Beat Electric that I frequent on the regular. I found this Mighty 7 track on there, it is killer. Check out an interview with the producer, Gee Bello, on Discoclassics.

Mighty 7 - Call Me - 1984

Another great track that Beatelectric posted recently is Mtume's Juicy Fruit. You'll immediately recognize this as the sample from Biggie's Juicy. It's amazing how little they did with the source material, they even used the hook. To my credit, I found this record at a yard sale a few months ago and picked it out based on the cover.

I asked the owner about it and his response was, "Man, you don't know Juicy Fruit? That was the jam." 2 dollars. Count it.

Mtume - Juicy Fruit - 1983

Also on that Juicy Fruit LP is the sample source for the dance track "Move You Hips" by Tek Box.

Tek Box - Move Your Hips - 2007

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