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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Your Heart's A Mess

Today begins my second semester in law school. Some of you have asked how it's going -- for those who haven't, and I ain't mad atcha, I'd just like to say that I'm finding it to be a pretty decent fit for me. Wish me luck / that I stay on the path of being responsible.

So, I'm going to enclose my first MP3 post here. This is a track I've been very fond of since I heard it the first time. It's Supermayer's remix of "Heart's A Mess." From my first google search for this track's title and disc listings, I realized unfortunately that I cannot confirm or disconfirm if this, in fact, is Supermayer's Supermessy remix, but maybe that's the original track title.


This is the song I'd love to whip out for someone who says they just aren't too into techno / remix tracks. Especially if they are of the camp We Think Techno Lacks Soul or a human element -- this track is longing, melancholy, and nostalgia in my ears.

I love you all

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