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Friday, January 9, 2009

This is probably extremely important

I might be about to get a little political...I don't know

READ (this is unorganized, and my first foray into this shit)

Task Force Members

The Austin City Council appointed the following Live Music Task Force members on February 28, 2008:

* Brandon Aghamalian, Musician
* Charles Attal, C3 Presents
* Bobby Garza, Musician
* Jill George, Music Commission
* Alex Gonzales, Austin Latino Music Association
* Saundra Kirk, Planning Commission
* Harold McMillan, Diverse Arts
* James Moody, Transmission Entertainment; Mohawk
* Paul Oveisi, Momo's; Music Commission; Second Floor Management (Task Force Chair)
* Don Pitts, Music Commission
* Adrian Quesada, Musician
* Rose Reyes, Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau
* David Sullivan, Planning Commission
* Scott Trainer, Neighborhood Representative
* Steve Wertheimer, Continental Club

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