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Friday, January 9, 2009

Interesting fact from meeting minutes (part 1?)

I have to re-write this, because its from a pdf file. the link is below...

Martin Limon, Austin police officer representing Downtown District discussed the noise ordinance. There were a total of 449 sound complaints from September 2006 to June 2008 (ed: 22 months, aka 20 noise violations per month) consisting of 145 calls for bars and clubs, 16 for construction sites, 29 for fraternity and sorority houses, 254 for apartments and residences, 1 for a parking garage, 1 for a vehicle, and 1 for an unidentified business. Most of the complains for the 254 residences were not due to live music, but stereos and amplifiers, mainly in the west campus area. Most of the bars were located on 6th street. The total number of citations resulting from the 499 calls were 47, mostly were bars. These statistics apply only to the DTAC. Officer Limon created the downtown noise database, and trained officers on how to use it, no other districts use it.


  1. even though its a high number, it just goes to show that austin cops are the coolest around.
    like a 10% citation rate? and only to the bars on 6th (WHO THE FUCK IS COMPLAINING ON 6th ANYWAY?!?!)...pretty cool cops man.

    noise database? that sounds like a fucking great album written in php/mysql.

    and im kind of proud to say about 5 or 6 of those were mine, at least one for every house i've lived in in austin even when its just me (and that was the first night i moved in).

  2. it means more people should be having house arent going to get a ticket unless the cops come back, basically ever

  3. but i dont think it means austin cops are the coolest. The hot dog king said you have to go to Oklahoma for cool cops.

  4. he probably knows.
    and hey, even if the cops do come back, you might not get a ticket (2012 anyone?)

  5. yeah but i think the first cop stop at the 2012 party was just a driveby, not a compliant