this must be the place....goin strong , yeah baby!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I will understand if you hate this....

....but if you hate this, that's like hating your dad. Or at least, my dad.

Cream-Sunshine of Your Love. Clapton is not the singer, that's the bassist.

This is Traffic doing "Freedom Rider" live in Santa Monica 1972:


  1. man when did this blog start sucking so bad.

  2. i can make the youtubes automatically smaller...does that help?

    its in testing right now please let me know what yall think i can change it back real easy.

    id like to have them in more like a grid but that would (at this point) require a bit of extra code from everyone lets just try this.

  3. i just meant that ethan posted shitty videos.