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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dietary Concerns #1

Not to go bananas, but due to the positive response garnered by my previous post, I give you Dietary Concerns #1. Dietary Concerns may or may not become a regular feature in which I delve into the minutia of culinary experience.

In today's episode...

I have started eating a bunch of plain yogurt for breakfast. I have it with honey, and bananas when we got them, and sometimes throw in a bit of rice crispies, when I am feeling extra sassy. Anyways, I bought 2 big things and finally ran out, but what did I realize, opening my near barren fridge, but that we still had the usually first to go flavored yogurt cups left (do those have another name...that sounds weird, "flavored yogurt cups" but maybe you know what I am talking about.)

Anyways I had one of those for the first time since having all the plain yogurt, and they tasted like this delicious candy. They were so sweet and flavored like fruit, and I was not taking that for granted anymore. It was totally awesome.

And thus concludes Dietary Concerns #1


  1. whats the concern? sounds aight.

  2. no it was great, I'm just concerning myself with it. you know, like applying my mental capacities.

  3. I'm a big fan of mixing granola into yogurt.

    Another awesome recipe is plain yogurt, almonds, almond butter, goji berries, and honey. I usually like to take the nuts, butter, and berries together on their own first. I roll them up into little balls and then freeze them. Whether or not I mix them into yogurt later, I could eat those "goji berry delights" as they've come to be called by themselves if I so desire. The yogurt way is far tastier though. It is an extremely healthy "dish" and I've heard goji berries are an aphrodisiac. So yeah. Get horny while eating well.