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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thomas Fawcett is the jam

Check out #6 baby! First proof someone who knows about good music and didnt record, mix or master the CD is into it. booyah! For those of you who don't know Thomas's a.k.a. is The Reverend Get Down and he hosts The Afro Bugaloo Soul Review on KVRX, which as anyone who has ever listened to that show can tell you is his musical credentials enough.

Austin Chronicle Texas Top 10s, 2008
1) Grupo Fantasma, Sonidos Gold (Aire Sol)

2) PPT, Denglish (Idol)

3) Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada, The Alchemist Manifesto (ESL Music)

4) Rae Davis, Positive Thinking! (Exponential)

5) Dan Dyer (Fat Caddy)

6) Ethan Master of the Hawaiian Ukulele, So Real

7) James McMurtry, Just Us Kids (Lightning Rod)

8) Hayes Carll, Trouble in Mind (Lost Highway)

9) McPullish, Back to Mount Zion Riddim (Charlie's)

10) G-Christ, Damage Is Done EP

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