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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

hos and chains and swangin thangs

there's really only one problem with riding my bike around all the time instead of driving my car. that crucial window of time between chilling at home getting ready to go out and arriving at my destination is now filled only with the sounds of wind and my own curses at various driving/walking idiots and my random and unquietable thoughts. that window is especially important when you're kinda fucked up and going somewhere to get more fucked's so so good to be able to just get in a car and let the music really get you to that level that you need to be at when or before you arrive. the bike ride just can't do that for me (yet). so at a rare moment this past weekend i was able to savor the beauty of operating a motor vehicle and letting the music (specifically this music) take me to that special level. i had the pleasure of sharing it with passengers who i believe were transported somewhere similar. so i'm passing the pleasure onto you.

chopped/screwed by dj screw, noted the artists and albums if known
1- leave me alone (greatest hits)
2- ride my car (playaz nite)
3- no time for fake ones (ft puff daddy) - lil kim (100% business)
4- let's go dippin - king tee (9 fo shit)
5- what you want - mc breed (9 fo shit)
6- recognize (ft the twins) - warren g (9 fo shit)
7- havin thangs - big mike (9 fo shit)
8- hypnotize (biggie vs pac)
9- respect (biggie vs pac)
10- g's perspective - mr. mike (blowin big behind tint)
11- house wife (the legend)
12- cds and lps (all work, no play)
13- playaz nite (playaz nite)

i'm pretty sure the track by lil kim is one of the dirtiest i've ever heard, however i think it's fantastic. it's one of the songs i try to sing while i'm on my bike to emulate what it would be like if i was listening in my car. needless to say i've had little luck. "nuthin make a woman feel betta than barettas and amarettas, butta leathers and mad cheddaz"
the warren g track is chopped so well, i love finding out which lyrics dj screw chooses to rewind and play over again, like he just loves those flows so much that he had to hear it again (and he thinks you should too). and again. and sometimes like 4 times in a row. but it sounds so good. i also like finding out where the rappers hail from, like warren g says "east side til i die" and even though i don't know what east side he's talking about, i like hearing all the various 'sides' of the country/city that are given shoutouts.

bangin screw mix part one, part two

p.s. david banner, bun b and z-ro at austin music hall on tue dec 9 for (cheapest) $37 or as much at $147
ice cube at mohawk on sun dec 14


  1. that warren g track 'whats love got to do with it' is amazing. chopped to all hell and what a sick track to begin with.

  2. yeah i like that one too, and thanks, every song on this mix is just so good!