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Monday, November 17, 2008

Gary Davis and His Professor

Gary Davis and His Professor - Last Night

I'm not sure who the female vocalist on this track is, but I'm totally in love with her. The bass-line is totally casual, letting the vocals take center stage. A particularly poignant snare tone accents and embellishes the vocal patterns. The organ is a nice touch and the reverbed Rhodes that's panned left adds a subtle cosmic feel to an otherwise straight-forward RnB number.

Gary Davis and His Proffesor - The Professor Here
BONUS: Mixable Edit

This is the funkiest number on the Gary Davis compilation. The drums are dirty as all hell, particularly the hi-hats and synth hand claps (?). The Professor, the guy rapping, sounds like a weasel or a fox, all nasal and villainous rasp. When the fuzzed out Casio is mimicking the bass-line is when the groove really hits me hardest.

I also posted a shorter mixable edit I made for any DJing. Are there DJs out there? I'm just realizing that people *might* actually read this blog.


  1. that is so awesome
    im gonna have to save my post til another day cause i dont want to push this one down.


  2. yes, people DO read it. or maybe its just me, who knows. it turns out to be surprisingly educational.