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Sunday, October 26, 2008

dear tatted bar owner/tender who instinctively doesn't like me

if you fail to give us (copious) free drinks again, we will take a steamy shit on your sound equipment, raze your building, and tell everyone that you have spread many contagious genitalia-scarring diseases, you hopeless swine.

seriously, drmrneedbeer4rockn. nowww.

wait no jk jk. thanks for giving us a place to play and throwin' us a few bones. keep on RCKN in a free world.

pieces and hard-luff,
every band in austin

(austin music task force, or whatever you are, get on this. don't spend a milli on marketing live music [thereby increasing the bloating of blooze and indie yawncore]. just buy us some kegs for our house party makeout party wyldprty. luvya.)

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