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Monday, October 27, 2008

Best Secret Place To Party

...per the Austin Chronicle critics poll (pulled off of Austinist). Please lord let this not be the ironic payback for all the jokes made at the expence of Californians when they invaded Austin during the tech boom.

Best Secret Place to Party: The Beast House
Did you guys know that there is a slammin' place to party above Emo's Lounge on Sixth? It's true. The Beast House is only open for special events a few times a month and is sponsored by Camel, but the parties are always free, with killer DJs, live entertainment, and free grub. As if that weren't enough, the phat decor, free Pac-Man, and gorgeous pool table will make you feel like that video audition you sent to the Real World production office really did pay off.
604 E. Sixth, second floor


Lame!! Lame!! Lame!! Lame!! Lame!! Lame!! Lame!! LameLameLame!! And don't say phat, especially not in writing!!


  1. I wrote into the Chronicle on this one actually. First time! Let's see if they have the BALLS enough to print it...I will say mad shout out to them for picking up on the Taco window on Manor.

    Whoever wrote your "Best Secret Place To Party: The Beast House" needs to take their fucking neon shirt and move back to LA where they apparently came from. It's mind-numbingly lame that the coolest secret party your stable of critics was able to find was a CIGARETTE PROMOTION WITH FREE PAC-MAN AND A POOL TABLE. WHAT THE FUCK??? New voice of AC: "Hey guys, you know what I think of when I think of great Austin partying? That great time when Real World was here, and we saw them on 6th street, remember that? That one dude punched that other dude, yeah, it was totally awesome! My leg was totally in the background on TV."

  2. the real world was in austin wasnt it?!