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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Review: Bevo Spicy Chicken Combo

So I went grocery shopping on Friday, and if there is one thing I can't stand its being hungry while grocery shopping. Some people say it makes you buy more, but I actually buy way less when I'm hungry, because all I want to do is get out of the store and eat something. Its like a water water everywhere situation. So anyways, I was hungry and knowing my tendencies I decided to stop in the Wendy's at the I-35 side of the Hancock Center, and being as though I had just had a long, hard day of work (watching South Park's and listening to music) I decided to eat in the dining room. Waiting in line I noticed a new menu item. For $5.99 the brand new Bevo Spicy Chicken Combo (small) was now available. I inquired as to the specifications and had my attention directed towards a sign behind me. I tried to find a picture on the internet, but I couldn't so I will just describe to you what a Bevo Spicy Chicken is. For comparisons sake, I noted a regular Spicy Chicken combo is $5.29, and a double cheeseburger combo is in the $5.59 range (the lowly single hamburger combo is $4.39ish).

Ok, so a Bevo Spicy Chicken sandwich is exactly like a regular spicy chicken sandwich, except it includes a slice of Colby Jack cheese, 3 strips of bacon, tomatoes, and a mayonnaise based "chipotle" sauce in exchange for the regular mayonnaise. I asked the guy behind the counter for some reviews and he mentioned that he hadn't had one, but reviews overall had been positive, with the exception of the chipotle sauce which garnished mixed reviews. Leery, but not wanting to miss out on the full experience, I went ahead and ordered the chipotle sauce on the side.

So the burger comes. The first thing I notice about it is the hefty size. My complaint on the regular spicy chicken has always been the height. To me what really makes wendys work is the way the confluence of flavors masks the inferior quality of the ingredients. When I eat a regular Spicy Chicken, the freeze dried nature of the lettuce is not lost on me. Furthermore the regular Spicy Chicken (especially when the chicken is overcooked) can leave me feeling like I am eating nothing but bread and breading, making it feel like a very thin sandwich. The Bevo Spicy Chicken remedies both of these problems, and although my particular chicken patty was not overcooked, I could see the BSCS weathering the storm much more effectively than the SCS.

My verdict on the chipotle sauce: It tasted cheap, but passable. I did end up putting onto the sandwich after a couple bites. I don't recommend the sandwich with no sauce at all, it was a bit dry, but if you are not feeling adventurous, regular mayonnaise or mustard would probably do the trick. When comparing it strictly to regular mayonnaise, I can't really call it better or worse, but I can see the desire to add a bit of extra flavor in there to round out the sandwich. It is a relatively mild sauce, and it's meant to provide a supplementary role. While I don't really consider it a "premium" item, I can understand their wanting to sweeten the deal, but also not wanting to go above $5.99 for the combo (which keeps it just shy of $6.50 after tax).

No nutritional facts were available from the Wendy's website on this particular sandwich, and I assume its just the particular franchise, or whoever runs all the Austin Wendy's that is doing this.

Overall, I give this sandwich as a fast food item an A- for taste and a B+ for value. Although a bit more expensive, its one of the best items on the Wendy's menu, and probably the best chicken option.

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  3. excellent review, eating one now.. and I'm inclined to agree. This is the only place I could find anything about it on the internet.

  4. This sandwhich is the old Wild Mountain Chicken Sandwhich with the red onions. It is my all time favorite sandwhich. I cannot eat enough of it. Thank the sweet lord that they brought it back.

  5. Going to get this sandwich RIGHT NOW!!!!!! I was skeptical at first...but not after this review. Thanks.