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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DIY Touring advice from The Oh Sees // A Pink and Brown show

As a band you’ve been on the road for quite a long time now - especially John. Do you have any advice for young DIY bands that have similar touring intentions?

JD: Write down names.
Petey Dammit : Yup, definitely names.
BD: Basically if you don’t, your screwed.
JD: I think whats really important is getting to know people and learning who or not to trust. A booking agent organised our UK tour, but Giles (Nuts and Seeds) for example, is a guy I can continue to come back to and trust that he’s going to put on a good show, pay our guarentee, feed us, and put us up for the night. The worst scenario, of course, is when some dick doesn’t pay your full guarentee - its good to keep a ‘never again’ list of names.

and for good measure, this is a Pink and Brown show from 2002. Thank you youtube for existing!

pt. 1

pt. 2

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