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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

bottom feeder: dear red river venues

this isn't the top thing that i want to talk to y'all about by any means. but it needs to be addressed and it is a relatively simple topic.

put the f'n prices for your shows on your website. god knows i don't want to transmit socially about your shows or add them to my ical, whatever the fuck that is. i want to know how much they cost. because that determines how much i can drink. or rather how much i should drink before i come to your show and spend my days wages on a $10 cover and $3.50+ bottles of lonestar.

also, i read in citizine that mohawk is spending assloads of *urban developer* money expanding their capacity. i understand that y'all are into *big$$$*, being esquire's #1 bar in america, and the sweet moneybag gems of indierock. i get it. it's a business. and austin is the *live music capital of the world* whoo. so post your ticket prices or pay me off to shut my mouth (i'll delete this post if you give me a ticket to monotonix, i swear).

chippendale demonstrates some of the urban conflict

ps. to further rip off that linked story from citizine (who in turn was paraphrasing the chronicle ... bottom feeding off the journalism foodchain here people)...

"[City council's Live Music Task Force's proposed marketing] campaign benefiting the local live music industry would entail hiring a public relation firms (who would "create" the message) and then require up to $1,000,000 in payments for purchases of advertising space (pay outs to billboard companies, printers, television and radio stations, newspapers and magazines, and internet marketing professionals) to make the campaign truly pierce the public's consciousness."

Because evidently, as Katherine Gregor wrote..."The supply of musicians eager for gigs far exceeds the number of venues that reliably pack a paying house; as a result, bands play for free or at a net loss."

So the solution is ... give more money to the bloated near-music businesses that make money off of lowering standards and inflating the marketing machine. good job y'all. good job. while you are throwing money around, why not throw rancho some? we could use it to replace the goddamned broken bathroom door.

also, monotonix would be more fun at club1808. just saying. (and hey, i'll work for y'all pro-bono ... or for beer. let's say for beer.).


  1. Chris, I don't think this is in the spirit of transmitting socially. Don't you understand that these people are doing us a FAVOR by having all these GREAT shows at such an AMAZING club?

    Show some respect. sheesh.

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  3. as i wrote earlier, my respect can be bought for one ticket to monotonix. or 2 dollar lonestars.