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Thursday, July 31, 2008

new layout, oasis is the greatest band ever

just did some rearranging feel free to comment or change it back.

new oasis is coming out early october so im pretty stoked. same old rigamarole about 'best one we've ever recorded' and 'this one really focuses on the groove/rock', you know the stuff every band says about every new album.

anyway im looking forward to it.

here is noel gallagher from what, like 95, doing one of the only maybe 2 completely solo projects hes ever done (still hoping for when the time is right). its a song called 'teotihuacan' and i dare you to find the oasis resemblance, it sounds totally unlike anything hes ever done...except of course production on ian brown's 'keep what ya got' in which noel, so cleverly, used the exact same piano loop and basic chord progression that he did back in this trip hop extravaganza.

sometimes, we as men walk amongst gods.


  1. looks better, but we gotta get rid of this white on black scheme.

  2. dont worry, i fucked it up, getting rid of the white on black. we'll just keep playing with it.

  3. put back the pictures!
    they always make me laugh, i never know which one will be there, it's like easter

  4. yea i just realised those got lost. they are coming back.

  5. and theyre back. feel free to change the colors of this thing. lets do it like everyday.
    be warned if you pick a new template or change html the pics might go away again.

    i left my fuckin phone in sf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and found two cans of pbr sitting on my desk....hrmmmmm

  6. i'm not sure about the austin skyline banner. what about just the scrolling hand drawn logo?

  7. OASIS.
    I remember when they went to Teotihuacan. I had the calendar in Rob & I's room.
    Best & worst band, ever.