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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Boulder Gig Report #3

Final gig in Boulder. At the Tusk Lounge, with DJ Senile once again. I showed up around 10:30 after making some delicious couscous with shrimp.


-Watching a 45 year old couple grind to Ice Ice Baby
-Realizing the secret to accessible hip-hop bass lines. The bass line has to hit on the downbeat for the first three beats of a two bar phrase. This allows people who don't really listen to hip hop to easily catch the groove. Think Ice, Ice, Baby, 1-2-3-4- by Coolio, and Rapper's Delight by Sugarhill Gang. The next measure of the phrase then adds a small amount of syncopation to the bass line, the "get crazy party" whose rhythm is completely ignored by the people dancing.
-Finally talking to the beautiful bartender.
-Hearing people go "Ohhhhh shit!" at the intro to "Wrong Way" by Sublime.
-DJ Senile talking into the headphones to pump up the crowd during "Wrong Way" by Sublime.
-Realizing a woman who I thought was over 40 years old was actually 22. I found this out after she disappeared into the men's bathroom with DJ Senile for about 15 minutes and then introduced herself to me.
-The first 75 minutes of the Russia v. Netherlands quarterfinal Eurocup soccer game. I got the bartender to put it on on the TV on the wall behind the DJ booth. So I was pretty much DJing with my back to the crowd from 1-2am, pretending I was looking at my laptop. Thankfully the game went into extra time, so I caught Russia's game-winning goal after speeding home.
-Getting booed for playing the Holertronix remix of Paul Simon's "Call Me Al" and arguing with the 1:45 a.m. crowd of 7 people, eventually ending the discussion by calling them idiots.
-DJ Senile explaining his beef with local music store Bart's CD Cellar . He was receiving poor customer service when previewing CDs. When he complained, the girl working the counter revealed she had just been diagnosed with AIDS earlier that day. Senile's response? "That's not my fault!"
- DJ Senile paying me with a 10 dollar bill to "cover my gas."

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