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Sunday, June 22, 2008

18 Hour Drive - Reader Participation

I need to fill 18 hours of drive-time from Boulder to Austin. I'm thinking of going through some complete artist discographies. I need suggestions. Eno is out because I've been rocking a data CD of his for some time. Maybe Wu-Tang Clan's group albums or just RZA's solo albums. Rakim. Steve Reich is also on the short list. Maybe David Bowie. I have no problem getting the music, I'm good friends with this guy called The Internet.

So comment!


  1. oval's 94 diskont

    but be careful, you might experience enlightenment and drive off the road.

  2. da vinci code book on tape. woah man, blowing your miinnndddd

  3. Steve reich is not the best driving music in my experience. I vote for Madlib. All his side projects combined could fill 18 hours, easily, and they are all very diverse so you wouldn't get bored.