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Friday, June 20, 2014

2 shows: @ CuCs + White Swan, 6-11-14, 6-13-14, Snow Wite // Nu Depth // Michael Stasis // Party Plants // Jagerbumps // Airplane Mode

i started a recap of the last 2 shows Party Plants did and it became sort of arduous.  Im sure there were some good points in there, I just wanted to start over and do a blah blah blah recap. I love you all

First show, last Wednesday 6/11/14 @ Cheer Up Charlies.  The bill was Snow Wite (L.A.) // Party Plants // Jagerbumps // Nu Depth (9 pm, from Charlottesville VA, also played drums in Snow Wite).  Free show, the bands (all $ went to the touring bands) got 100 bucks from the bar, which was fair for the crowd.  It would have been nice to make something on the door for the local bands that put the show together and actually brought the people out, but I think Cheer Up's is a smart bar, the way they are positioning themselves among all the bars to have it always be free, so I dont really fault them.  They are definitely valuable to have around from a booking perspective, exactly for a show like this, and I think theyve done a really nice job with the new spot, it still feels comfortable and fun and like the same place.  

This show was interesting.  Nu Depth was great in the space.  We did a crowdsurf of him with 8 people in the audience or so.  He went all around the whole place and did some shit with a concrete brick.  it was engaging.  Jagerbumps and Party Plants both played sets that had some growing pains, but I felt like it was a really gritty show.  Its interesting being a part of the band where the band has ppl that come to the shows and have fun, but its also the shared energy between the ppl on stage and the ppl in the audience is completely integral.  We played much better Friday.  We practiced much better Wednesday afternoon than the show we played Wednesday night.  There were all kinds of circumstances involved.  Alot of ppl told us "good show", but really it wasnt.  Our band has magic in it, and unfortunately that magic doesnt manifest itself every single time we have a show.  It def didnt at this show, and it def did appear on Friday.  It would be nice to be in a band where it was magic every night.  If we went on tour we would have that, Im sure of it.  Its mostly about practicing and then sleeping and then playing, otherwise you are trying to play a mimic of yourself.  Snow Wite really brought it.  The most exciting thing that happened was when we went back to my house and drained a case of wine after the show.  Ppl in the audience can get all their haterade out, it still felt like a successful show to me based solely on the hangout afterwards.  Really thats not true, its too complicated a show to write about.  The cool thing is we are a living breathing organism.  Im writing like nothing about the other bands, the other post went pretty in depth.  Snow Wite has got "it", i love that dude.  He is very genuine, and a fun dude, and very talented.  i was playing Love You Like Limeade subconsciously on drums and guitar for days.  Hope to see him again over south by.

Second Show , Last Friday 6/13/14 @ White Swan.  The bill was Michael Stasis (L.A) // Party Plants // Airplane Mode, $3 show

I missed Airplane Mode, which felt especially shitty because Joey was at our show Wednesday.  It was because I was trying to harangue my roommates into coming to the show.  Its important to have the energy of new audience members.  We played balls out dynamite.  Sean Padilla was in the audience and he was rocking out.  It is going to be a loss to Austin when he moves away.  A very talented dude, and a nice dude, with a sharp perspective.  It was really shitty when that shit with his van getting tagged went down.  I was kinda surprised it didnt get repainted over, because I think a bunch of people were down to do so at the time or something, but i never really found out what happened with that.  Yeah, anyways we played great.  Everyone in our band knew we were gonna play good.  No monitors, small crowd, we had just played, and we hadnt practiced since then.  Its really at least 50% that we were just less underpractiiced.  Sorry to our fans on the Wednesday show, if you could read between the lines, its obvious probably that we would play better Friday, but a lot of those ppl were def Jagerbumps' crew.  Michael Stasis is a super dude and we played old guitars and went swimming and got bar-b-que twice.  I was fucking jetfueled off the Party Plants set, and I was like rocking out so hard to his music, way more than anyone else.  I just love music, if it sounds sweet, it is sweet, thats what youa re trying to achieve right, to be able to let yourself go like that?  So if you already have it why roll it back because the music is meerly good and not great.  Anways hes a swell dude, he was playing along to backing tracks.  We booked this show super last second and managed to get him like 55 bucks from the door.

I think its funny enough that there exists a perception that how we are booking shows is in any way capitalistic, that's why i bring up the money part.  It all went to touring bands.  Anytime we have done a show where we have made money, its basically gone immediately to recording.  The innerband vibe is always nicer if people arent being asked to pay out of pocket for that, so i dont really apologize for having a small band fund.  People should have $3 or $5 occasionally to see their friends bands, or bands that arent their friends that are just good bands if they are music fans.  Mostly im thinking of people so orthodox that they would find that too capitalistic or something.

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