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Friday, March 28, 2014

Rock and Roll Cool

yall may have heard about "rock and roll cool", i wanted to write a little ode to it.  Rock and Roll Cool is probably one of the most important philosophical points of rock and roll.  Not cool like Obama is gonna keep his blackberry to keep from getting stuck in the bubble gutter, real rock and roll cool, like the Ramones, or the Beets, or Lou Reed.  NYC has always had the market on rock and roll cool a little more firmly gripped by the balls than the rest of the country.  I think just because how it is there.  If you sound like you are going thru your personal journey, and you are at an earlier stop, ppl just tune out.

One enemy of rock and roll cool is the vibe rollercoaster.  You feel real great like you played some cool shows or whatever, and then there is an emotional drained period before you build yourself back up again, potentially fraught with self-doubt and lack of perspective.  This is the perfect time to send some emails where you dont say what you are trying to say, or at least you are gonna send something counter productive.  Being cool in all circumstances regardless of position in the vibe rollercoaster is an indication that you are getting there.  Smoothing out those rough edges.  Resistance against the dark arts.

My advice for rock and roll cool --- dont ever get mad at ppl except your bandmates in private.  someones gotta hold the line, actually its best if you can pawn this responsibility off on another bandmate so then you dont have to deal with it and you can save your vibe capitol for doing shit you wanna do rather than keeping your bandmates from fucking up, but if thats not possible sometimes someone has to be the field general.  Obviously good ol fashioned butt chewings should be used as sparingly as possible, that is not rock and roll cool at all and it can easily lead to built up bad vibes, which is your enemy.  But definitely dont get mad at bands if they cancel off your shit.  Save that existential why for another day.  That's what its all about right, the existential why?  Its understood.  Oh yeah dont bring up stuff thats understood.  If I see a girl and her band just played, personally I like to tell her good show, but not with the first comment and also its kinda a joke, bc ppl never tell each other good show, its just a convention that its better to get the conversation going rather than start in on anything mechanical.  

Rock and Roll cool exists because the energy of the music is a real thing.  Existing simultaniously to commercial considerations, music has the ability to bring out peoples souls a little bit and get people a little closer to each other on a real level.  Thats whats up.  So if you wanna be cool, remember flash photography and video recording devices kill the vibe, just get in the moment and get on board with whats goin down.

Thus sayeth my ode.  Also, there was a reason why Nirvana and everyone liked Neil Young so much, that dude is a badass.

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