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Thursday, November 14, 2013

A really enjoyable night, 11-13-13

yo. so I put on a show tonight at Beerland. The bill was Polio Club // Ruby Fray // Spiked Punch // Party Plants // David Israel and the Israelites. It was really enjoyable for me. It was a lot of work to put it together, but it was just nice. all the door went to the bands, all the bands were good (5 good bands in a row), I had fun playing in both bands I played in. A bunch of people watched Party Plants. I dont mean to sound cocky, but i feel like people are catching on.

I hadnt seen Emily Beanblossom since we played with her band Christmas 2 years ago. Joey Reyes and 2 of the guys from Ghetto Ghouls were in her band Ruby Fray and they really kicked ass. Shes talented, but also shes really gotten a band together too. David Israel is playing with the pedal steel guitar player from John Wesley Coleman and you can tell that guy is getting better from playing a bunch of pedal steel in good bands. Thats the best way to get better, is to have your bands be putting a lot of energy into their bands in a way where you are able to just lay back and play, <---personal opinion. A shit ton of people had to work tomorrow, but I didnt have to, so I got to see Polio Club. They played their set in backwards order, it was cool. The show basically went until 2 AM real time, not bar time. I think this guy was supposed to record us off the board, but it never happened. But hopefully next time!


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