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Monday, May 20, 2013

the music tapes at scottish rite threatre 5-19--13

Saw a great and really special show. The music tapes played. It was set up/promoted. by transmission, I saw rosa there and I'll give her props for this one. The music tapes, for the uninitiated is julian the singing saw player from neutral milk hotels long running project. The musicians looked like they were mostly in their 30s and there were some great arrangements...ttubular bells, double banjos sounding more like violins, a 7 foot tall metronome, these guys held the floor for a solid two and a half hours running a circus and i think also hypnotysing the crowd. I was hypnotized for one, although i was on the verge of starvation having biked 7 hrs delivering sand witches and with my body catching up to me. Still, the whole crowd was entranced. I recognized Andy Gonzales, e6 regular, front man of marshmallow coast and ex member of of Montreal while they were still good as a side musician. He played like 5 Instruments and was sick on bass. The other dudes all seemed cool too. Anyways, before the show there was a cartoon film, and before that about an hr of parlor games, a few different ways to play chase with strangers...perfectly normal...the guy with the floppy hair said so,ladies and gentlemen. Julian's cadence was great, i think he was making people progressively more relaxed from the very get go. There was also slowly counting down backwards five to one involved and repetative stories, and other elements found in hypnosis. The good thing is that all hypnosis is self hypnosis and it can make people open up inside. He talked about "playing evening" which is a kid just doing something unanalytically trying to figure something out, and how all but a few adults lose this skill, and he did a cool magic trick. There was this cool thing with eggs, but I can't tell about it or else it would ruin it. It was funny...he said what all kids in the world want more than anything is to be grown up and how all grownups want to be kids, but really i thought he was gonna say grownups want to become musicians. It would have been just as true, if not more so, but the way he did it was very profound. Oh yeah there was a pump organ and some awesome descending passages and musical highlights where the heavens opened. Anyways, they are a travelling circus, wish could see them at the secret squirrel in three days or whatever. I felt like an idiot cause i waited to hit the merch table and they sold out of the vinly during the austin show so i got a t shirt instead but i want to listen. I guess its on the merge website if i really get it....between cover and the shirt it will make it a 50 dollar show if i do that, gut honestly worth it.i

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