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Friday, March 25, 2011

Came Up with Another Recipe


So we had some leftover Rudy's from my dad that he bought for sxsw. Talking Turkey and Brisket. Here's a nice alternate use I came up with for it

1. Make a baked potato in the microwave (7 min)
2. Grill up some white and red onion together
3. Reheat Turkey (option: and Brisket) on a pan
4. Take potato out of microwave....put on butter and a little light brown sugar
5. Put on onions, turkey and brisket
6. Sprinkle green herbs (italian mix) on top
7. optional: BBQ sauce

I made this twice, once with the brisket + bbq sauce and the first time without. I would actually say it was better sans brisket and bbq sauce, but I would not tell anyone not to try it. It was just shockingly light w/o it. The brown sugar gives the onion a slight can even stick the brown sugar on the onions to do that in the pan, I think I did that the first time.

The best thing since sliced bread? Maybe not, but I'd say at least the best thing since 4 square toast. One day I'll get one a them smart phones and take pictures and auto-upload them on this blog....

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