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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Back in the 1808 saddle // Holy Wave

bros and broettes,

I'm doing shows at Club 1808 again, if you are interested, I may solicit you. Being a substitute teacher is rewarding on a day-to-day-making-money-doing-something-useful-to-society level, but not to be throwing shows its like...the itch isn't not there, so I'm back in the game. Plus the calls have dried up ever since I lost those Pre-K kids...

Saw a great band last night from Austin called Holy Wave. I don't know how long they have been around but the sound was overall pleasant. Heavy without being grating, plesantly melodic. The singer has long blond hair and is relaxed around the mic like the the way his arms move suggests a hidden inertia, like the power could be released at any moment, and yet, never is (in physical form). Its probably obvious right now that i have forgotten everything i learned in high school science, because I really should be able to do a better job explaining what I am trying to say. I liked the vibe of true rockers of yore. Nothing girly about the singing. Anyways yall should check these guys out, it felt great to see a new Austin band I hadn't heard yet that was really great

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