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Monday, July 12, 2010

M.I.A. Pitchfork review

In other, I just saw this review.

"Right or wrong, the social contract is simple: If you bring the hits, we'll put up with your shit.

With /\/\/\Y/\, M.I.A. has broken that contract. And she could not have chosen a worse time to do it. The album comes not long after a New York Times Magazine cover story that portrayed her as a pretentious, truffle fries-eating phony spouting radical politics at odds with her extremely comfortable lifestyle. The piece was devastating to her credibility, and her childish response-- putting the author's cell number on Twitter-- only made matters worse."

What a hatchet job! I'm not even talking about the album, I have no idea what it sounds like, but this "cleverly worded" bit about the NYTs article, that is just straight up character assassination. Really brutal, you can't like to see that. A total lack of regard for presenting the facts of the story, and trying to continue the spread of this rumor about some goddamn elitist French Fries ("have you seen the price of arugula lately?" what if we had had 4 more years of a Republican president because of those words, like that could have been the Swift Boat moment of 2008).

Not that journalism and music journalism should ever be confused, but for those of you unaware, the NYT journalist ordered these French Fries and then in her article painted M.I.A. as this "truffle oil french fry eating" elitist hypocrite blah blah blah. I'm tired of this shit. For the follow up, Maya had the whole interview on tape and released it to defend herself and now pitchfork is probably taking somebodies $$$ under the table to write this shit.

Fuck off Pfork, you guys just were downgraded from being controversy creating opportunists to being on the wrong side of the war in my book.

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