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Monday, June 28, 2010

Saucepot, I have an assignment for you...

Nestled safely away in Burgundy. I wrote a song for the first time in a good while today, maybe since last October you could say, so thats cool. Went to an amazing party in Champagne, but no kissing and telling on that, c'est ne vrai pas ("it wouldnt be right/correct") however I will throw in one pertaining detail I feel at liberty to disclose: sometime around 4 o clock, I got to play hero to the party, as i was whisked back to my hotel to retrieve my computer with "Real American Rock and Roll" on it. I made sure to throw in some reggae too (Desmond Dekker), but ultimately, what made these Frenchies go crazy was "Louie Louie" and like "I Feel Good". I tried throwing in some Stereolab and to my surprise they were like "what is this shit, we have never heard of these guys, turn it off," so I obliged.

So do your buddy a big favor....take a break from the Twitch Disco and make me a mix of "Real American Rock and Roll" so I've got some high quality ammo for les mademoiselles.

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