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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Flying Turns at Cheer Up Charlies

The post office just called to let us know that your Netflix won't be in this Thursday. So we're throwing an underground-disco party at Cheer-up Charlie's so that you suckers will have something to do before the weekend begins. And we know what you're thinking when we say 'disco'--if we play any Village People then you're free to come throw your drinks at us (as long as you tip your bartender).

We're bringing our crew to keep you dancing and drinking until your legs and lips fall off. DJsG&B, J Edgar Groover, Phillip Bluntly, and DJ Mike ZZ TopofthePops will turn you out, so come early and stay late for an evening of genre-smashing electronic music that totally beats Netflix-Instanting Starship Troopers just for that Felicity co-ed shower scene.

And, I made a little mix for the occasion, hope you enjoy it.

Flying Turns Mix by Flying DJG

Daniel Wang - Shadows
Earth People – Dance
Reflection – Cube Loop (Morgan Geist Remix)
Sugarcubes – Leash Called Love (“12 Dub)
DJ Platurn - Midas Touch (Inst)
The Strikers - Inch by Inch
Jacques Renault – Can't Nobody Love Me
Modern Romance – Can You Move


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