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Monday, March 8, 2010

Josh Duke // Martin Crane // T-Minus???

Hey yall. Had a great night at a bar last week. The bar was Club Deville, the day of the week was Wednesday, the cover was $3, and the occasion was a double solo show featuring Josh Duke and Martin Crane. Josh aka Al Tiburon (i believe thats how you spell it) has been working up some mad euro-revival tracks down the block at Baby Blue for the past x number of months. Most of it is done in MIDI and then he lays some unaffected vocals down on top. This was his first show since a technical fiasco of a debut a few months ago at Baby Blue. It was a first show where things went right (aka a second show). The friends showed up, the PA sounded great and the songs keep developing. Lots of nice things to say, but I'm sure there will be future shows and refinements in the future.

Martin has freaking been beamed to another planet. I dont know if this world is ready for him, but somehow he is writing shit better than his old shit. Once the material is with the full band it is going to be undeniable, I can't wait. Breakthru artist 20.

In other news, you may have noticed a little thing called SXSW is coming up. We are booking something like 100 bands. I am going to blog about it here at nightly (hopefully), because that will be the only way to have a record of most the things that happened, and I will have a better festival if i am processing information as we go and not all at once. This shit is gonna be nuts. Still so much work to do, but there are so many good bands coming in and playing Escapes III, IV, V, VI, and VII, that is is really going to be a moment in time and space to remember. Pray to the sunshine gods for me... (Oh, and its T minus 8 days now)

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