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Sunday, March 14, 2010

ESCAPES SCHEDULE (pretty final)

EEE sssss c aaaa Pppp EEE sssssssssssss
EEEE SSSss cCCC a a P EEEE sSSSsssssss

Also...there is an RSVP if you want to be on it. It doesnt help or prevent you get in the shows, its just for if we need to send out an email last minute. Everything is first come first serve until we are full....Thursday and Saturday are the only ones where you should maybe worry about this...Thursday is capacity 450 and Saturday capacity 125, but you can probably see and hear from the street in both cases

Free coffee and grilled c h e e s e

Tuesday, March 16th @ CLUB 1808, 12th and Chicon
5 PM - 2 AM

(5 PM) Traffique (mems. Peter and the Wolf)
Spiked Punch
Jennifer Ellen Cook
(6 PM) Archibald Adams and his shimmering war choir
(7 PM) Sleep Good
Soft Healer
(8 PM) Spells (formerly known as Moth Fight)
Wizzard Sleeve
Female Demand
(9 PM) Pataphysics
Geoff Reacher
A Faulty Chromosome
(10 PM) Follow that Bird
No Mas Bodas
(11 PM) Bodytronix
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
Magic Jewels
(12 AM) Lord Scrummage
Reverse X Rays
(1 AM)Quiet hooves
Daniel Francis Doyle
Computer Jesus Refrigerator


Wednesday, March 17th @ Club 1808, 12th and Chicon
noon - 10 PM

noon - Boys Who Say No
1230 - Geoff Reacher
1 - hermit thrushes
130 - Wild Yaks
2 - spiked punch
230 - Many Mansions
3 - Reading Rainbow
330 - The Beets
4 - How I Quit Crack / Caves Caverns (sftp presents)
430 Metal Bunnies
500 Nice Nice
530 Terror Pigeon
6 Male Bonding
630 Peter and the Wolf
7 Reverse X Rays
730 Popo
8 Prince Rama
830 Quiet Hooves
9 Light Pollution
930 Still Flyin'

plus Phantom Bands playing Acoustic until ????
look fer / Bubbly Mommy Gun, You and Me....many many more


Thursday, March 18th @ Big Parking Lot, 306 E 3rd Street (3rd and Trinity)
11 AM - 8 PM

11am ---- YAHOWHA13
(look this stuff up extensively on youtube, here are some hilites--- health food funded psych music cult decades in the making, hang-gliding death, annie hall, half-baked psychedelic groove, genuine weirdness before death)
okay i'm vaguely pumped about this but ooo the mythology of it
12 Videohippos
1230 Zs
1 When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth
130 So Cow
2 Rainbow Arabia
230 Lord Jeff
3 Lord Scrummage
330 Spiked Punch
4 Soft Healer
430 Prince Rama of Ayodhya
5 Reverse X Rays
530 Quiet Hooves
6 Tobacco (main guy from Black Moth Super Rainbow)
630 These Are Powers
7 Acid Mothers Temple (until 8)


Friday, March 19th @ Downtown Burgers, 310 E 3rd Street (3rd and Trinity)
11 AM - 8 PM

11 Boys Who Say No
1130 John Bellows
12 The Splinters
1230 Spiked Punch
1 Computer Jesus Refrigerator
130 Truman Peyote
2 Grandchildren
230 Attic Ted
3 Turbo Fruits / PC Worship
330 Hermit Thrushes
4 Brazos
430 Liturgy
5 Videohippos
530 Reverse X Rays
6 ** Very secret guests email us and we'll tell you all of them*
630 Lord Scrummage
7 Quiet Hooves
730 Beach Fossils


Saturday, March 20th @ Sneak Attack, 2nd and Guadaloupe in the back of city hall
noon - 8 PM

1 Lord Scrummage
2 Total Slacker
3 Sonny and the Sunsets
4 The Weird Weeds
5 Follow That Bird!
6 Reverse X Rays / Spiked Punch
7 Quiet Hooves
8 Beach Fossils

w/ special guests LITURGY, Bubbly Mommy Gun

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