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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the texas longhorn basketball team....

is goin all the way this year. what physical freaks. Pittman down low is unstoppable, except for a few guys, maybe. His hands have been there since freshman year, now his footwork is all there. I never even thought about that, cause he was always so out of shape, but he is an agile machine, weighing in at a svelte 280 (came to campus as a 400 lber if you recall). Dude is gonna be a huge stud in the NBA. Damion James has a hystically high pitched voice, made more funny by the fact that i had never heard it until the season opener. Dude was always so QUIET, now he knows hes got to be the leader, and make sure people are in their spots on O. The team is communicating with each other. Wow. The new guys have a level of athleticism never before seen on a Texas squad. We are 14 players deep and can rotate guys seemlessly. We just have so many weapons, our guys are going to be fresh every game all game. Its not going to be rocket science, with that many folks out there who can play. Balbay is still a game changer with his defensive intensity and ability to distribute the ball. You can have him on the floor with 4 shooters/scorers and he is going to be much more effective. Mason is going to be more effective for the same reason...his role in the offense is going to be allowed to be smaller again. We have like 10 guys that can take the ball across court. Gotta say, I'd put money right now on this being a final 4 team, i dont think people realize how good we are. Wonder if we will be favored to win the Kansas game...I can't wait to see it, its at the FEC this year! We also get #2 Michigan State at home, although unfortunately (fortunately? sorta...) Ill be in Hawaii. I think im also gonna be on a plane for the North Carolina game which definitely sucks, maybe someone can tape it for me.

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