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Monday, October 12, 2009

A Flaming Lips review....

I saw this on their message board. is this record out yet or what? does it come out tomorrow?

"This album is far better than mystics in terms of being an ALBUM. Mystics has some great songs on it no doubt.

But this album has themes and sounds that run throughout the album. there is a feel to it that is organic and suprisingly flows nicely. The sound of the album has a unified feel to it.
The album is heavily influenced by german sounds. Faust, early kraftwerk and hawkwind are all over this album. at the same time I wouldnt say they just copied and pasted. It just feels like those band and it feels like it is from that time while simultaneously being something fresh and new. and certainly something that belongs to the flaming lips.

The pop fans will be dissapointed and unimpressed. the rest of us listening to captain beefheart, neu and can will be very very happy."


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