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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuffin Up 2k9 tour diary 1

Shit yall, me and Sauceypoo are on the road, reporting from Cafe Envie just a couple blocks off Bourbon street in wonderful, culturally significant New Orleans, Louisiana. We play Pensacola tonight, but are waiting out a few hours here while we wait for Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat's bar to open (a man on the street said that would happen between 2 and 4 today. We fortuitously stumbled upon it on our way into the French Quarter, I think we would have missed the place had it not been for missing a turn, but its actually just right of I-10. The outside was full of cool shit and we took the opportunity to snap some photos, including a faux preside-ation at the tiki bar.

Last night we played with 2 great acts, one being Lauren who set up the show and played as Never Ever. She is moving to Santa Fe to do movie stuff and regrettably does not have any recordings, but we are gonna try and get her to Austin at some point, it was really great. She has a gorgeous voice. The other was a blues cover band called Toastbeards who (in part because the singer was tall and bald, but mostly because they rocked) reminded me of Those Peabodys. Their drummer Chase sat in for our set and it made a world of difference. Hope to get them to Austin too, it was super fun, everyone danced. Hey sorry to Austin hipsters, but you are not the hippest of the hip, you gotta loosen up and just have a good time, these New Orleans folks got you beat so bad!! Jeff sat in on drums in Bryan, which also was super fun. The show there was a poetry slam and Spiked Punch were designated "celebrity judges". I went ahead full throttle maximum participation and read "youve got to have some adventure in your life" as a poem. The MC was by far the best slam poet there.

Lauren (Never Ever):

Our car is completely stuffed full of shit, which would be the status quo and not a problem, except once we hit Richmond VA we are gonna have to fit a 3rd band member in the car. We have so many props. Our 15 dollar inflatable monkey already has a tiny hole in him somewhere that we need to find and tape up. We had bought a bunch of leis and figured out the thing to do it to spread them around whatever venue we are at and let people pick them up and put them on at their own volition and then pick up whatever remains at the end of the night. The beach balls, which we had intended to screenprint and sell, which will never happen, also turned out to be a good buy. Last night there were times where 4 were flying in the air at the same time. It was nuts. I broke a guitar string at the Austin show and neglected to bring an extra set at all, so the last couple shows have been on acoustic guitar. That will stop at some point, but who knows when honestly. Maybe Quintron's got some strings we could have...

more later...!!!

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