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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some badass shit coming up

I have to say, my life hasn't been going perfect lately...this extended unemployment is sort of taking a toll on me mentally, but badass shows make me feel real good so I am psyched about this shit...hope to see you there!

Friday at Rancho, a nice heavy bill, free:
themed "Rancho Undead Night" cause we are back from the dead

Magic Jewels
Peter Panic
Drum Cats (Stephanie B + Art)

Monday, July 6th at Club 1808, $5 for 5 bands!
guaranteed to be a special night

PRINCE RAMA OF AYODHYA (from Boston, played over sxsw, fucking amazing shit)
Silent Land Time Machine
Silver Pines
Spiked Punch
The Roman Candles (from san fran, acoustic punkyness)

and then also
July 10th at Rancho (buy merch, or suggested donation):
Spiked Punch (tour kickoff fundraiser) w / Literature, more TBA

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